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Is It Time for a New Roof? 4 Ways You Can Tell If Your Home's Roof Needs Replacing

Many Kentucky homeowners have no idea if it's time to completely replace their roof or not. Because of this, many roofs can sit in disrepair long after their useful life is over. Alternatively, you may find yourself making repair after repair when the better option is to start fresh. Here's how you can tell if you need a new roof.

1. Your Roof Is Several Decades Old

A roof can last a long time. Some can go for a couple of decades. Some can essentially last a lifetime. It all has to do with the type of roof installation you have and how you maintain it. No matter how durable of a roof you have, there will come a time when it's too old.
If your roof is over 25 years old, it's possible it has outlived its usefulness. An inspection from a qualified roofing professional will help you determine if this is the case. If you weren't the one who ordered the roof, it can become difficult to place an age on it.
You can check your home inspection reports or property records to see if there's a date for your current roof's installation. If you can't figure out the age of your roof, don't worry. An aged roof will also have some other signs that it needs replacing.
If your roof is under warranty, you can still make use of it. Many roofs come with warranties that last for a couple of decades or more. So while you're trying to figure out the age of your roof, you should also be sure to check into the status of the roof's warranty.

2. Your Shingles Aren't Looking Their Best

Check for curling, torn, cracked or buckling roof shingles. If the shingles look curled or like they're losing granules, then they're no longer viable. If you have patches of missing shingles on top of shingles in disrepair, then you need a new roof sooner rather than later.
Note that you're looking for pervasive damage. A few missing shingles here and there isn't indicative of a roof that needs replacement. It just means you need to have a few repairs and patches done.

3. Your Roof Suffers From Frequent Leaks

If you suffer from leak after leak, then it's possible the integrity of your whole roof is compromised. Leaks can occur for several reasons. If you suffer from frequent leaks, your roof is failing you. You should have leaks repaired, but if you're perpetually repairing old and new leaks, consider a new roof.
In addition, check your attic during the daylight hours. If there's any light coming in from the roof, then you have an outright hole in your roof. This will certainly lead to leaks as well as other issues. Have it repaired, or replace your roof.

4. Your Roof Looks Like It Needs Replacing

Look at your roof. Does it look worn, old and on the verge of collapse? Does it look like it's sagging or ready to collapse? These can all represent signs it's time to replace your roof. A roof inspection will help you figure it out, but you should definitely do something about the condition of your roof.
You may also just want to replace your roof because you want a better one. Remember, you don't have to wait until it's too late. If you want to take advantage of different, more energy-efficient materials, then it's fine to start looking into replacement costs.
Wheatley Siding Windows & Guttering can help you figure out if it's time to repair or replace the roof of your Kentucky home. They can inspect your roof and let you know which option will work best for you.  Contact them immediately to schedule an on-site inspection or for any roofing concerns you may have.