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Leaf Guards in Louisville, Kentucky

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Keep Your Gutters Clear With Our Leaf Guards

Your gutters are sensitive to leaves. Gutters keep rainfall away from your home and siding, but only for as long as they remain clear. As soon as they get clogged with leaves and other waste, they become big and heavy burdens for your roof and siding to bear. This extra strain on your home becomes much more for your home to deal with than a little bit of rainwater.

Prevent the problem altogether with some of the powerful leaf guards we offer at Wheatley Siding Windows & Guttering. Our products will keep your home in sound shape for years to come.

Handling the Heaviest Autumns for 20 Years

We know what kind of punishment our leaf guards can take. We’ve been installing and maintaining them for over two decades now. In that time, we’ve seen harsh autumns and devastating winters. Through it all, our leaf guards have held firm. They protect our customers’ gutters, saving them hundreds of dollars in gutter repairs and replacements.

Protecting Your Gutters From Every Blockage

Leaf guards will keep leaves out of your gutter, as well as so much more. Our protective grates are built to keep out roosting birds, nesting squirrels and all of their clutter. You don’t need to worry about your home being overtaken by unwanted guests. Our leaf guards will turn all of them away, ensuring that rainfall and snowmelt are the only things draining down your rainspout.

Work With Our Incredible Team Today

You’ll know the difference our team makes as soon as we arrive. We’ll assess your home’s situation and help you choose the leaf guards that will work best for you. We’ll perform a speedy and thorough installation so you can get back to your life. If you need additional maintenance or work, we’ll give you a free consultation so you have an idea of what it’ll cost you.

Work with Wheatley Siding Windows & Guttering today to give your home the best protection your gutters can use.