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Professional Roofing Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Grey Shingle Roof

Fast, Reliable and Affordable

What do you do when your roof shingles start to curl? When mold and fungus grow or depressions are visible? To protect yourself and your home value, call Wheatley Siding Windows & Guttering in Louisville for a free quote, to schedule a professional inspection and to get the friendly advice you need to make the best choice for you.

Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance

Since 1996, our team of experts has been offering the reliable and trustworthy services you need to rest assured that your roof is doing its job — protecting your home from water and weather damage. Whether you need a few new shingles or an entire roof replacement, we tailor our work to your home, budget and goals.

Protect Your Home and Facility

Because they stand up against the elements every day, year after year, all roofs age and weaken over time and need to be replaced, usually every two and a half decades. Even so, cracking, mold and leaks can happen earlier. That’s why it’s important to know what’s going on up there.

We Can Roof Anything


Did the wind last night tear off a few shingles? Is your roof approaching 20 – 25 years old? The professional repairs and replacement services that we provide not only keep you safe from collapsing materials but also prevent your leaking or blemished roof from causing expensive harm to your house like rotting timbers and moldy insulation.

Moreover, new roofs will save you money on your energy bills and safeguard your home investment by protecting your property value.


The last thing you want is a roof that collapses and interrupts your business and operations. It’d also be bad to have workspace temperatures that cause your employees to lose productivity and morale, or leaks that damage your property and require expensive repairs.

A new roof will not only reduce these factors that add to your overhead costs, but it will increase your property value, save you money on your monthly energy bill and last longer than older technologies and materials.