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Soffits and Overhangs in Louisville, Kentucky


Keep Your Home Healthy Through the Years

You might not think of your home as being healthy or unhealthy, but it’s true. Your home has a life span, and how long it lasts depends heavily on how you treat it. You can do certain things to make it last a lot longer, especially in our humid Kentucky climate.

One way is to invest in soffits and overhangs, which protect your home from rain and rot. You might not realize it, but having soffits and overhangs will keep your home dry and temperate for generations to come. Consult with Wheatley Siding Windows & Guttering to find out how this happens.

Improve Your Airflow With Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are located on the underside of your overhangs and between your eaves. These vents allow cold air to cycle into your home, pushing the warm air out through vents in your roof. This greatly improves the flow of air in your home, which cuts down on AC and heating costs throughout the year. It also keeps stale and musty air out of your home, preventing mold growth and decay.

Protect Your Siding With Our Overhangs

Overhangs are everywhere, but what do they actually do? Besides providing a nice touch of style to your roof, overhangs are one of the biggest ways to protect your home from rainfall. Too much rain means that your siding will warp and rot, requiring replacement over time. Rain would also trickle through your windows, into your basement and between your lining.

Prevent all of this by investing in adequate overhangs. Your home will benefit immensely from this simple addition to your home.

Make Your Perfect Home Last Longer

It might take a lot to keep your home in optimal condition. However, with the help of Wheatley Siding Windows & Guttering, it will always be manageable. For more than two decades, we’ve helped homes in Louisville stay the way they are: beautiful and habitable. Allow us to do the same for yours.

Contact our team to get soffits and overhangs today. It will be a huge improvement for your home.